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I began writing poetry in translation and song lyrics. But I write my own poetry and songs more and more – poetry for me to perform and songs for others to perform. It seems a much more immediate way to communicate about things that matter, urgently. Recently, I’ve been performing my big mass spoken-word chorus about the climate crisis, The Silence Ends (with music by Lewis Murphy) in many places from Marble Arch in London to the Edinburgh festival, and collections of my poems have been translated into Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian. Recently, the fabulous Kim Lowings has been arranging and performing some of my songs. More to come…

To Arina

know a girl in Odessa

Down by the black, black sea.

She’s eyes as dark as coffee

And she’s waiting there for me.

One day I’ll make an odyssey

Down to Odessa’s sea.

Like Homer’s hero, coming home:

That’s just how it will be!

Maybe I will come in spring

When blossom clothes the trees,

And the air is gently humming

With the sound of eager bees.

Odessa then becomes a bride

All dressed in pink and white,

Just waiting for the moment

When Odysseus comes in sight.

Of course I am no champion

No soldier from back then.

I’m just a humble man of words

Armed only with a pen.

But I will come to find that girl

With eyes as dark as tea

And win in love’s arena

Down by the black, black sea.

My Perfect Partner


Oh my perfect partner, dance through the world with me

Let’s whirl across life’s dance floor, let our steps be free!

I may not have much technique; my feet are made of clay;

My legs are made of jelly and my rhythm’s all astray.

But my love is more than ready to sweep you off your feet:

To glide and swoop precisely and match you beat for beat.

My heart will dance your polka, my words will be your rond

And as we move together, our love will be our bond.

Our ballroom’s in the land of dreams, not stuck upon the floor.

Our waltz can glide on skywards and last forever more.

In Requiem, Grenfell,
Parkland, Kemerovo

Grenfell No More

Mutually Assured Redemption

I need you
Music and words John Farndon, played by Lola Perrin

Music and Songs

Crime of the Heart
Anthony and Sam Cable


Star of the Morning

Old Man in the River
John Farndon & Kelvin Thomson

The Sleep of Winter

You Were a Legend
Mich Kemp & Will South


You Were a Legend
Mich Kemp & Will South


Diamonds in her Eyes
John Farndon with Kelvin Thomson
and Frank Biddulp

The Closed Door

Only Love Can Do That
John Farndon & Lola Perrin

I Can See the Tears


Peace in My Heart
Siri with John Farndon trombone

Old Man in the River
Mick Kemp & Will South

This Baby Sleeps 


The Day I Saw You on the Wall
Anthony and Sam Cable



How The Earth Was Born
John Farndon with music by Natali Drosou

The Octoroon Mistress
John Farndon with music by Natali Drosou

Journey to the Stars
John Farndon with music by Natali


Ossian and The Pig-Headed Princess
Words and music John Farndon


The Frist Ringing
John Farndon with music by Natali Drosou

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