John Farndon - musicals

Crazy Days

Based on Nancy Mitford’s hilarious yet oddly poignant 1932 novel A Christmas Pudding, Crazy Days is a scintillating musical that delves into the Bright Young Things of the early 1930s and their convoluted goings-on at Christmas house party

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The story of a Lousiana Haunting. Inspired by the true story of a white woman who accidentally kills the children of her husband’s black lover, The Ghost Children is the poignant story of three ghost children who haunt a house in the Louisiana bayou and the young Chicago couple who discover their dreadful secret.

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Song TitleCredits
It's cold in hereJohn Farndon

Murder in Paris

Songs from a musical project based on the strange life of French crime writer Georges Simenon suggested by Howard Ginsberg

Song TitleCredits
Crime of the heartJohn Farndon

Other songs

Song TitleCredits
Peace in my heartPiano and vocals: Siri Loof
Trombone: John Farndon
This Baby Sleeps Vocals: Cath Whitefield
Piano: Sarah Travis
Star Of The MorningVocals: Cristin Curtin
Violin: Frank Biddulph
Piano: Nigel Williamson
My Love is Far AwayPiano: John Farndon
Why don't you tell me Instruments and vocals: John Farndon
John CartwrightJohn Farndon
I need youPiano and vocals: John Farndon
Everybody says...Piano and vocals: John Farndon
Damn Pitt! Damn Fox!Vocals: John Farndon
'Star Of The Morning' rockPiano and vocals: Siri Loof
Guitar: John Farndon
I'm your fantasyVocals and sync:John Farndon, Cristin Curtin
Piano: Michael Roulston
Are you good men? (piano) Piano: Warren Wills
You were a legend Piano, violin and vocals: John Farndon