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The Dreamweaver

The Dreamweaver

Book and lyrics by John Farndon, Songs by John Farndon.

"Let me take you away from the trials of the day..."

The Dreamweaver interweaves the mixed up lives of group of contemporary Dubliners with the ancient Irish legend of the bard Ossian and his strange journey to Tir na n’Og, the fairy land of youth, to create a multi-layered tale in which reality, stories and dreams swirl to and fro, in a mix of song and dialogue, music and narrative, dance and visual media.

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Song TitleComposer
Peace in my heartJohn Farndon
DreamweavingJohn Farndon
ShadowfallJohn Farndon
Star of the morningJohn Farndon
Down the waterfallJohn Farndon
I can see the tearsJohn Farndon
Her name is NiamhJohn Farndon


Inspired by a true story and set in Stalin’s Russia and the America of McCarthy ‘Anya’ begins with the doomed love between Russian singer Anya and American naval officer Louis in Moscow in the last days of World War 2. Louis is expelled from Russia and Anya sent to the gulags, but as she grows up their child Katya makes a desperate bid to reunite her parents across the divide of the Cold War.

Video by Abdirahman Cadani at Code Blue media, edited by Shoot You.

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The Story







In the recordings here, 'The Closed Door' 'The Sleep of Winter' and 'This Baby Sleeps' were recorded in St Petersburg by Russian folk group Koleso. There is another version of 'This Baby Sleeps' recorded for the Beyond the Gate review on the Other musicals and songs page on this site. The other songs here were recorded at the Donmar Warehouse and the Royal Academy of Music.

Song TitleComposer
The Closed DoorJohn Farndon
The Sleep of WinterJohn Farndon
Shooting PinkoesJohn Farndon
When I was youngJohn Farndon
Rule like IronJohn Farndon
Lighten up, Mr StalinJohn Farndon
This Baby SleepsJohn Farndon
Take off that uniform, SoldierJohn Farndon
Seven Years OlderJohn Farndon
Our young men are dyingJohn Farndon
In Love and War

In Love and War

Book and lyrics by John Farndon, Music by Marc Folan and John Farndon

“Oh yes, I have my pride!”

‘...In Love & War’ is a powerful original musical in which love and betrayal in wartime France lead to the heart of a modern political scandal. It is set partly in Occupied France in 1944 and partly in the 1980s, when Mitterand’s Socialists came to power after long years of Gaullist rule.

At the centre of the story is socialist politician Henri Dumas, whose iron-willed determination to fight for his ideals blinds him to the effects of his actions around him – with tragic consequences.

As France undergoes the ordeal of Nazi occupation ”” when no-one is certain who is collaborating and who is not – Henri and Blanche de Laurette fall in love working together for the French Resistance. But while Henri is out on a mission of sabotage, Blanche is faced with an agonizing decision ”” and makes a sacrifice which will blight both their lives, and come back to haunt them long after.

Almost 40 years later, when Henri has risen to become a defence minister in Mitterand’s government, he concieves a fatal passion for a young woman, only to become devastatingly engulfed by a cash-for-contracts scandal.

As the media and the public round on their one time hero, Henri learns to his horror at last about Blanche’s secret.

Song TitleComposer
I'm getting wise to youJohn Farndon
You have to take a riskJohn Farndon
Once you loved meJohn Farndon
In this little townJohn Farndon
I have my prideJohn Farndon